Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Shape of You, the Shape of Me

The shape of you,
The shape of me,
The shape of everything I see . . .
There's something magical in Dr. Seuss. Whether you are exploring decimated landscapes with the busy-handed Once-ler or walking along the beach with a star-bellied Sneetch,  Dr. Seuss delivers creatures no one else can.

Like the BLOGG . . .

So, why should I write a blog?

I wish I knew.

Here are my theories:

1) My husband, James, and I have been working on promoting literature by Latter-day Saint writers through the Mormon Lit Blitz and an upcoming web magazine. Until James and I met I wasn't too invested in Mormon Arts, but he's gotten me into promoting good work by LDS writers. Maybe this will be a good space for developing my own writing as well as encouraging others' writing.

2) The recent Republican presidential primaries have inspired me to breech my political neutrality in the classroom (I can't help but call Newt Gingrich "greasy") and online.

3) The school system is getting me down. My seven-year-old recently started half-day home school, so we can get her reading accuracy, timed subtraction, and writing process up to date. It's an adventure in balance.

4) My shower musings are constantly running through my head long after I'm ready for the day.

5) Oh, crap. Am I melding into my husband?


  1. Should we start calling you Jacole? Or Nicames? ;)

  2. Kirstin started calling us NicJams before we even got married. I think I like that one. We sound like a band.