Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No One Reads My Blog Anyway . . .

James writes on his Mormon Midrashim blog two or three times a week. Two hundred people are reading it every day.

I am still unsure as to why I started writing on this blog. When I'm at home, I don't want to cuddle up with my computer and write about the cute or weird things my children did that day, or complain about how exhausted I feel after working for three hours and walking across campus because my second trimester energy boost hasn't kicked in yet. I want to space out or play games or read young adult books on James's Kindle.

But here are a few thoughts:

Today is Boo's last full day of second grade. The kids are supposed to go for an hour and a half on Thursday, but since she doesn't go to school in the morning, we figure she's fine. Besides, we've already given up on her report card; it certainly isn't a reflection of what she knows, only what she's done in her teacher's classroom. James decided that Boo's teacher isn't bad; she's Javert. You know, Javert from Les Misérables. She is cold and calculated not for villainy but because she works entirely by the book. No accommodations. Javert is not a good second grade teacher. Maybe she missed her calling as an inspector.

I ended up in a BBC news article yesterday. James found it while looking at headlines. After the broadcast last week, Paul Adams interviewed four of the five panelists about some of our experiences and perspectives. I referred to The Book of Mormon Musical to explain how Mormons are viewed as both naive and out-of-touch as well as "the world's last optimists." I'm pretty sure I'm not naive, but neither am I as optimistic as many other Latter-day Saints. I admire the optimists in my faith; they seem to know a lot more than I do.

Grading is intolerable anymore. I have managed to grade two papers since Friday. Maybe it's this pregnancy brain cloud that keeps me from thinking or reading well, but I feel sick at the prospect of grading fourteen more papers. 

James, Boo, Ji, and I joined my mom and dad at their house for a barbecue on Memorial Day. It was so quiet with just the six of us. Boo was hoping to have cousins to play with, but I appreciated the quiet night in which we could watch hummingbirds flit around the backyard. The neighbors came by, so she had some play time. I think I need more quiet time outside. Right now I'm either running around busy or completely useless and wiped out.

Yesterday I spent an hour in the Temple. I felt like crying every time I heard the promises the Lord has made. Maybe because He is so good and generous; maybe because I am so emotionally unstable. Either way, I want to live up to those blessings. I want to be worthy of such gifts.


  1. I read your blog. And I LOVE getting a little bit of you every now and again. I miss you and it's nice to hear from you occasionally. And to sometimes hear especially exciting things--like that you're pregnant. Woohoo! (I'm sorry you feel so lousy.) I'm sorry that I'm not better at comments, since I know that makes it feel like someone is out there. But I am out here. Thanks for writing.
    Glad that second grade is over. I've wished more than once that "Boo" could have been with a teacher like my sister (who I've watched through the years find ways to help many different children with many different needs and personalities (some that sound similar to Boo's) succeed). Oh well. Hope it gets better next year.
    :) I'm so happy that you got to spend time in the temple. I get to work there and love, more than just about anything in my life, to be the voice for sharing those promises.

  2. I read your blog! And even though I see you several times a week and am sometimes at the events you write about, I still like to read what you've written. Maybe we write to show that we are.

  3. Hello from the Deep South!

    Time moves so quickly...trying to stay in the 'present'...miss you, thinking of you, and so glad that Judy reminded me about your blog. I feel like I have connected again with you and your family. I like your font, the blue lettering, and the style of your writing. I particularly enjoyed reading all of your blogs ... of course, Batman would throw you are Poison Ivy!

    A new life on the way...wonderful and congratulations! When is the new bebe due? I know Kira must be excited and little man, too. You and James are so blessed to have found one another. Friday I saw a new movie 'Seeking a Friend for the end of the World' it was sad, but stayed with me. I thought about it more and I imagined that you have found that friend in James. Segway to husband's and your blog comments, Gregory is a political junkie, and I believe I have more than once thought of your opinion about Mitt Romney. So many glad you left Florida for good...our govenor is nuts! (Rick Scott) Denying Florida citizens healthcare when so many don't have any. Ugh! The list goes on.

    Reading the blogs it appears Kira has struggled with 2nd grade. Our last conversation I told you about Tierney. Sometimes I think it might have been in her best interest to take the year over. Hindsight. I will pray that she enjoys 3rd grade more! Her birthday around the corner..yikes! Please keep us posted on your blog...and I DO READ YOUR BLOG NOW AND AS LONG AS YOU WRITE!

    Always, Robin
    p.s. Guide me as to response protocol for blogs??

  4. I think I mean this title as a way to justify writing whatever I want and feeling no pressure to say anything smart or particularly interesting. Thanks for reading.